Wednesday, May 29, 2002's something called This or That...and this one's all about summer.

1. Charcoal or gas BBQ grill? I've never used charcoal so I'll say gas for the ease of use.
2. Beach or pool? Beach
3. Sneakers or sandals? Sandals
4. Sunblock or suntan lotion? Sunblock
5. Iced tea or iced coffee? Iced Coffee!
6. Touristy beach town or quiet camping trip? Beach town
7. Theme park or baseball game? Theme park
8. One or two piece swimsuit? one piece!
9. Bicycling or rollerblading? bicycling
10. It's 95 degrees outside. Do you prefer to go outside in the heat, or stay in and hide behind the air-conditioner? air conditioner please!


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