Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Tuesday's This or That:

1. Regular or electric/battery operated toothbrush? Regular. But I'd like to try battery operated one day.
2. Shower or bath? Shower for everyday but bath when I'm feeling kinda now.
3. Automatic dishwasher or hand-wash dishes? Hand wash!
4. Paying bills: online or write out checks? Write out checks. Still don't trust online.
5. Laundromat or your own washer/dryer? Laundromat. I'm in a student hall.
6. Electric or gas stove? Gas!, ever since I discovered it.
7. Subscribe to magazines/newspapers or buy at newsstand? Buy but not everyday. Don't have the money for a subscription.
8. Alarm or buzzer? Buzzer. I think music will send me to sleep again.
9. Go grocery shopping yourself, or order stuff to be delivered? Myself, thank you very much.
10. On workdays...pack a lunch or eat out? Mostly eat out. Paraphrased from Bridget Jones - "I can't even make a glass of water in the morning."


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