Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Am I really weird if I've been keeping up to date with the Luann comic strip as I want Bernice to be happy?

Anyway, the topic of today's blog will be How People Are Finding my Blog. Or to be put more simply - search engine entries.

Lessee...after a little rifle through...

Why do opera singers have more testoterone? Uh...they do? I once wanted to be an opera singer. I'm not kidding, I really did.
colin firth proud and prejudice Pride and Prejudice. Well, how about the A&E site for starters?
harmless games+london+private+covent garden I don't wanna know. It sounds really really kinky.
"What is considered romantic" hehehe...I can't believe they ended up on my page.
poutine london uk OK, this one should be easy. I've blogged before about poutine at the Maple Leaf.

Alright. Now I'm tired of this. I only started that blog because of the testosterone question. Imagine that...if I had become an opera singer, I could have been more manly. Or maybe I didn't become an opera singer because I wasn't manly enough. Uh...yeah...


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