Sunday, May 19, 2002

Busy busy busy Saturday. Met Kanwal for a play yesterday. We went to see Lady Windermere's Fan, a play by Oscar Wilde, with Joely Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave. Richardson's acting was weak but Redgrave's was very good. The play overall was wonderful and I'm now looking for a cheap collection of all Wilde's plays to read. After dinner, went to Victor and Maria's (friends of Blai's) for a flatwarming party. We were all cheering after seeing the concert tomorrow listed in the Time Out! There it was...a listing with the world premiere of Blai's piece. Oh, I am so proud!

And to continue...

Things to Do with an Empty Tic Tac Container
6. Use for testing the pH of fish tank water (Shannon's idea)

This idea won't work with the new containers I saw yesterday. Orange Tic Tacs (not the lime and orange combo) are now sold in an orange tinted plastic container.

How sad, I'm in college to get some code working.


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