Friday, May 31, 2002

There's no Friday Five today so I've taken one from the archives. This one's from November 2, 2001.

1. Do you eat breakfast? What did you have today?
Usually I do during college time. But lately, I've been working on my project only so I haven't been waking up early enough for breakfast. But I made it today! Sausage sandwich with lots of ketchup. I got a bit nauseous afterwards.

2. What beverages do you usually have in a typical day?
Water. A cup of coffee. A fizzy drink.

3. White bread or wheat bread?
White! I love sourdough too.

4. What's your favorite kind (potato/tortilla/corn) and flavor of chip?
I think tortilla chips are the best (aren't they corn chips anyway?) but I must have them with hot salsa. Potato comes a close second...especially Kettle Chips.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
I have to work on my project still! It's the Jubilee weekend though! Argh! I'll probably watch the procession on television on Tuesday...or I might actually go there. They've moved one of the Bank holidays to this weekend so it's a 4 day weekend - Friday to Tuesday.


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