Saturday, June 15, 2002

Was utterly depressed yesterday as everything minor seemed to go wrong for the past couple of days... Ended up taking a walk in Holland Park for a couple hours. Here's a hint: go between 8 and 9pm if you actually want to see the rabbits (I saw about 8 of them bounding around all over the place). The little children terrorize the poor things at any other time of the day. Bizet's The Pearl Fishers (opera in the park) was also on and although I couldn't wangle my way in, it was possible to see part of the stage if I looked in at a particular angle and stood on my tiptoes. Or you could just go all the way around to the back (where the pile of rocks sculpture is) and see the singers come out and take a breather when they're not on.

But I'm slightly more cheered up today. Now to get this presentation out of the way. I want to go shopping...I think a bathing suit and a dress might be in order for the trip to Barcelona. If only I could afford some new ones though.


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