Tuesday, December 10, 2002

No snow and hence, no photos! Ach! But it is very cold today. My ears are freezing and probably red. *sneeze* Excuse me. No, really, I did.

Added another knitting blog to my list of links to the right - fluffa! I used to read her other weblog, mybluehouse, until she decided to stop that one and keep going with this one! But that's fine! She has some terrific links to some great and quirky patterns out there on the net. My list of links grows by the day since blogrolling has a little button you can add to your toolbar to instantly add the page you're looking at in your browser window.

The list of knitting projects I'd like to tackle also grows by the day. A hat, hot water bottle cover, camisole, bikini, etc, etc. Luckily, the scarf I'm knitting also grows...almost there! And then there'll be a photo!


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