Friday, January 31, 2003

Best to blog about this before I forget! Two weeks ago, I had my first introduction to Cuban Rice from Blai. This is not Cuban rice as they know it in Cuba but Cuban rice as known in Spain. Yup, all parts of Spain, even the Canary Islands.

OK, first you take some rice. Plain white rice will do but we made garlic rice, cooked in a pilaff (pilau) kind of way. Then you fry some eggs - the yolks should still be liquid. Make up a basic tomato sauce. We took canned chopped tomatoes and whatever herbs and spices we had on hand. A pinch of sugar may do some good as well. This is all there is to it. Eat the rice with the eggs and tomato sauce. Break the egg yolks and stir that into the rice. Blai says that most people chop up the rest of the egg and stir that in as well. It's a very common dish and children get it at school too.

However, in the Canary Islands, there is the addition of fried bananas. Now, at first I thought these would be fried plaintains but no, normal bananas suffice. Apparently the sweetness of the bananas go well with the dish.

A search on the web led me to these few pages which have a brief reference to Cuban Rice.

Anyone actually encounter this dish in Cuba?


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