Friday, January 03, 2003

Just so you know, haberdashery at the El Corte Ingles next to Placa Catalunya sucks. Big time. And I think knitting needles are cheaper in London than Barcelona. I totally forgot to look in the yellow pages for yarn stores but perhaps next time. Blai's hat was finished during a crazy knitting night and now I just have to sew up the top. Just made a trip to John Lewis today and got some yarn for a hat for myself! No more post-Christmas shopping for me! None! No more! Nuh-uh! Nyet! Very bad!

Barcelona had some gorgeous weather for Christmas - it was 20 degrees Celsius (and all temperatures I refer to are in Celsius) and sunny. I was surrounded by vineyards all around for the village we stayed at is in the middle of wine country. The food was all typically Catalonian and gorgeous...and filling! All lunches were 3 course doozies starting at about 2:30 and lasting about 2 hours. Oh, I can feel my aching stomach still! No, I didn't become ill but it did seem like my pants had shrunk! And the Boxing Day (St Stephen's Day) lunch was a 4 course one - the first course was split in two parts.

Too much turron (almond candy) still running through my blood. Can't be bothered to open up the package I bought to bring back to London. I have to be un-sick of it first. Bought the hard, crunchy Alicante type. The sweet, peanut-buttery Xixona (Jijona) is not for me - makes my head whirl with its sicky sweetness. Oh dear, I think Blai is wrapping up the leftovers and bringing them to me next week.


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