Monday, February 03, 2003

Had a lovely Chinese New Year dinner at Mr Kong on Saturday. Two people chose lamb dishes - a crispy lamb lettuce wrap and a lamb hotpot. I have discovered that I don't really like lamb. It's that...lamby flavour that gets to me, not the idea that I'm eating a wee little fluffy lamb. Lamb isn't a very common meat in Chinese cuisine but can be found in some Northern Chinese dishes. Ah, but there were many many many other dishes that were lovely. A nice place.

And yesterday, Blai and I went to Chinatown to see all the festivities. He was absolutely mesmerised by the lion dances. Good fun for a day! I was very very very surprised to see dragon dances as well...the last time I saw those were in Singapore...or at least, I cannot remember if I have seen it in Vancouver.


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