Tuesday, April 08, 2003

We went to the opera again last night. First we had dinner at Bertorelli's in Covent Garden...only made affordable by a voucher Sunil had on him! Krishnen's sorbet was absolutely amazing - I highly recommend a visit to Marine Ices, their supplier. I'll definitely be making the trip one day. I had a spinach and crayfish risotto. Very yummy and shows how cheap I am...I know that risotto fills me up!

The opera was Madama Butterfly with Cristina Gallardo-Domas as Butterfly. She also played Mimi in La Boheme when we went to see that a while ago. The set was very simple - a very plain Japanese interior - but they had little touches that made it special. When the curtain lifted, little fake butterflies flew off from the ground. As Butterfly kills herself at the end (sorry, did I give away the ending? C'mon, all tragic operas have a protagonist dying), the cherry blossom tree in the background loses many of its flowers.

Have you seen Miss Saigon? If so, you already know the story of Madama Butterfly. Miss Saigon was loosely based on it - just imagine everything set in Japan...and about 80 years earlier.


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