Thursday, May 01, 2003

Have I run out of things to blog about? Hope not. That would be an indication that my life is pathetically sad now that I'm a postgraduate and I'm going to deny that this could possibly be true.

Perhaps I'm just not updating since I'm spending a lot of time lurking at the Lush Forum. If retail therapy cannot be had, the next best thing is to read about others' retail therapy.

Oh, the cheesecake turned out well. Actually, I followed a recipe for cheesecake bars. They don't require baking in a water bath and you can top them with whatever fruit preserves you have on hand. I found them quite cheesy and the thick crust offset that nicely. Blai thought the crust was too thick. I think he would have preferred more cheese. Hmmm... not a bad recipe but it's quite difficult to finish a pan of heavy cheesy slices between 2 people.

Sock update: I'm about to start the toe of my first sock! Socks are loads easier than I expected...turning the heel was quite straightforward. I've been using a number of pages to guide me in this endeavour and the one I recommend the most is the how-to at the Knitter's Review. They also have a guide on how to choose sock yarns. The yarns they review are unavailable where I am but I was recommended a 4ply wool/acrylic blend by the Rowan representative at John Lewis.


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