Monday, August 02, 2004

I can't believe July is over. July, my month. My July.

A rundown of the fun: Blai's birthday. Two of my closest friends came to visit. A trip to Bournemouth. My birthday. Being treated like a princess for my entire birthday week (oh, let's be realistic, he always treats me like a princess!). A surprise cake yesterday for my birthday (no, my birthday was not yesterday but I only had a chance to meet up with friends yesterday).

A rundown of the un-fun: Blai's in Barcelona. I am in London. :(

And the weekend: Covent Garden and Leicester Square in the heat on Saturday. I overbought...attempting to stock up on things in Chinatown to avoid going again in the next two months. Central London is packed with tourists and too many people + too hot weather makes for uncomfortable shopping. Gluttonous lunch with friends on Sunday, PS2, chatting till the late evening, that wonderful pandan cake (thanks, A!), strolling through the park on the way home. And a very very very cheesy film at home.


Blogger stef said...

Blai will be back :) - you just have yourself a good month, do stuff you've always wanted to do - girly stuff perhaps?

5:07 pm  
Blogger Su-Lin said...

hehe...yup, i've been doing lots of very girly things. however, we're not tied to the hip when we're together anyway...he has his interests and i have mine. and it works that way.

5:16 pm  

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