Tuesday, June 04, 2002

For all of you who are interested or curious, this is the BBC's online coverage of the Queen's Golden Jubilee. It's a once in a lifetime deal here! Well, many people in the UK have seen her coronation, her Silver Jubilee and now her Golden one! Amazing...

We watched the last hour of the Party in the Palace last night and marvelled at the fireworks which were so much better than those in London during the Millennium celebrations. At least, I only heard about the celebrations that night: I was in Edinburgh for Hogmanay when the year 2000 hit. And the fireworks at Buckingham Palace were also loads better than the stuff there.

Photos of the fireworks:
Buckingham Palace just after the Party in the Palace and before the fireworks
Buckingham Palace lit up with the Union Jack
Another shot of Buckingham Palace
View from the Mall
Another View from the Mall


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