Friday, February 28, 2003

Friday Five...and on one of my favourite topics...reading!

1. What is your favorite type of literature to read (magazine, newspaper, novels, nonfiction, poetry, etc.)?
Novels, newspapers, and the colour magazines that come in the newspapers every weekend. Non-fiction I read for particular cooking, gardening, knitting, certain biographies... Poetry is a no go for me.

2. What is your favourite novel?
I think my favourite novel is Charlotte Bronte's Villette. Loads better than Jane Eyre.

3. Do you have a favorite poem? (Share it!)
Like I said, I don't read poetry. Perhaps it's because I'm not deep enough for it or perhaps it's due to the trauma incurred during high school English classes - we read some atrocious stuff - but I just do not like reading it. Sometimes I'm appalled to be like this but hey, I just don't get a kick out of it.

4. What is one thing you've always wanted to read, or wish you had more time to read?
Uh...I'm still getting through Don Quixote... I started it about a year ago (only £1.50 in paperback form!) and I'm still only 1/4 of the way through. I'm finding some of the chapters repetitive (Quixote gets into trouble but gets out of it in the end) but I hope to finish it in the end...

5. What are you currently reading?
I'm not currently reading anything. I just finished The Teardrop Story Woman by Catherine Lim two days ago. Forget what one of the reviewers's held in Malaysia, not China! I'm surprised that they got through the entire book without realising it! I mean, they referred to China as the "home country"! I'm heading to the library tomorrow so I'll probably start something new then.


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