Thursday, February 20, 2003

I am furious at a certain multinational company for the delay in the repairing of my laptop. In the 5 months I have owned the laptop, they have had it for 4 months. The laptop died within a month and they're taking forever. I have lost all my faith in them. And their customer service representatives treat you like an imbecile. They ignore whatever you say and wait there quietly letting everything you say pass them by before they reiterate their robotic, straight-out-of-the-book answers. They offer no compensation for my time wasted (I desperately need my laptop now..the work is piling up) and keep asking me to be patient. I have been patient for 3 months...I'm a very patient person...but even patient people have their limits. Bastards. I have actually cried out of anger and frustration.


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