Friday, February 07, 2003

This entry shall be dedicated to that staple of all college students around the world...Ramen!

The Official Ramen Home Page has a whole lot of recipes to fancy up your packet of instant noodles. Bianca's Ramen RomperRoom is a messageboard to share your ideas and thoughts about ramen. Instant Ramen gives us a history of ramen, how it's made, ingredients, recipes and more. Milk ramen doesn't sound particularly appetising though. You can even join a Ramen web ring which I will do as soon as I get some place to host images.

Should you not know how to make instant ramen, here are some instructions. Actually, I find that most ramen noodle blocks can be cooked by covering it with boiling water and covering the bowl. In 3-5 minutes, it's ready to eat. I eat too much of it.

Diverging from the main topic of instant ramen, we shall take a look at what's available in fresh ramen. World Ramen insists that instant ramen is fake and the real deal are the big bowls of fresh ramen you can get (for a higher price, of course) at restaurants. In London, the most well known ramen chain is Wagamama. They even share some recipes with you.
Greggman spent some time (perhaps lives?) in Japan and has visited the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and also has a lovely description of the ramen shop near his flat.

There are many articles linking college students with ramen:
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