Monday, March 03, 2003

Last night was the last episode of Operatunity. The two hour finale showed the Saturday night performance of Rigoletto at the London Coliseum with Denise and Jane sharing the female lead role, Gilda. Jane got the first half of the performance, before the interval, and Denise got the second. While Jane's part consisted of just one very long scene (happy happy happy), Denise's role was spread across at least 3 scenes (all terribly sad). If I had a choice, I'd definitely pick the second half to sing in. It had THAT song...with the 4 characters' voices intermingling....oh dear. I don't even know the name of it. And Denise did marvellously, despite her having a sore throat! Can you imagine? You big moment to sing and a darned sore throat comes along!

But the big shock was the news that Jane was separating from her husband and seeking a divorce and was taking up with an old childhood friend of hers! Diva behaviour!

There's an interview in the Guardian with Denise. She mentions that she would like to continue exploring early music - that would explain her choice at the auditions...I believe that she sang some Handel.


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