Thursday, May 20, 2004

Tina mentionned in her blog that food-scented products seem to be the big trend in toiletries today. Bah, I say! Do you really want to smell of creme brulee all day? How about candy floss? Wouldn't insects be attracted to you - or do they detest artificial scents?

I tend to get dizzy very easily (bad motion sickness) and I am quite particular with scents. I used to love Lush's Butterball...a lovely moisturising bath ballistic of theirs. But one day, after using one, I got quite nauseous. The sickly sweet vanilla scent made me feel even a kindly soul pressing cake to you even though you know that a bite would cause you to throw up. I cannot use butterballs to this day.

OK, so I'm biased...


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