Saturday, November 06, 2004

I seem to be having problems accessing the blogger form I'm
making an entry through e-mail.

A million things have happened since I last wrote: earthquakes in Japan,
the discovery of homo floresiensis and the election in the US, to name a
few. It feels the same in my own little world - visiting people in far
flung reaches of the UK on weekends (though let it be known that I'm in
Zone 1 of London...Zone 3 feels far flung), working through my long list
of things to do, sleeping...well, that about sums it up really. Things
seem to be going well today though since I got paid (a month late - they
only told us to fill in a particular form after that form was due) and a
paper of mine is accepted pending modifications.

And if you're going to the Food Lovers Fair this weekend in Covent
Garden, I'll see you there!


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