Monday, July 25, 2005

Thank you, Grasmere Farm, for the scrumptious smoked, dry-cured bacon that I purchased at the Ealing Farmers' Market on Saturday. No white gunk came out upon frying and the aromas coming from the pan caused us to gather round and inhale deeply. Oh, can I even begin to describe the flavour of this bacon (obviously from happy pigs)? If you live within walking/bussing distance to either the Ealing market or the Notting Hill one, get yourself some bacon from them!

Thank you, Molly, for posting Jimmy's recipe for Dutch baby pancakes. I used a 10 inch frying pan and about 15 minutes after putting it into the oven, I was appalled to see that my oven light had gone off. Hmmm, it's going to need a new one...or...wait a was the Dutch baby obscuring the light! It was huge! It was massive! It was ginormous! I had to remove it from the oven for a while to let it deflate but upon it's return to the oven, it continued to grow! It turned out to be a wonderful partner to the bacon.

Mmmm, mmmm. Sunday brunch, Sunday newspapers, Sunday. Too bad Monday's just around the corner.


Blogger Molly said...

Su-Lin, that sounds like a wonderful Sunday. Hope your Monday isn't too much of a rude awakening...

6:39 pm  

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