Monday, February 21, 2005

My 50 favourite foods. Yes, I'm obsessed with food. This was created by wilco - thanks for a terrific, lengthy questionnaire (thought I'm pretty sure it won't be too difficult to push it to 100 favourites)! Note: my answers are probably going to change if you ask me the same questions tomorrow.

1. favorite main entree:
I have to choose one?!? Cuisine is not specified...I will take it to mean "food from a restaurant where the idea is that each person orders one main and does not share it with anybody else". OK, in that case, I like pad thai a lot. Keep your hands off mine!

2. favorite salad:
Caesar salad. Or a tomato salad when they're in season (tomatoes, not tomato salads).

3. favorite soup:
Oh, I love my mother's tofu and cabbage soup with lots of chilli...I can never exactly figure out what goes into it.

4. favorite appetizer:
It's very difficult for me to not choose the fried calamari.

5. favorite dessert:
Iles flottantes. I ought to try making it one day - I have a recipe lying around.

6. favorite fruit:
Mangosteens. Just give me a huge bowlful, a sharp knife and a spoon and I'll stay quiet for a *whole* hour.

7. favorite vegetable:
Mmm...I had a whole plateful of peashoots fried with garlic and ginger that would be a strong contender but...nope, it's going to have to be that other classic...gai lan.

8. favorite sashimi:
None. I don't like sashimi.

9. favorite sushi roll:
Those ones with the tempura prawns inside!

10. favorite soda beverage:
Barq's root beer. You can't get decent root beer in this country.

11. favorite non-alcoholic beverage:
There sure are a lot of drink questions. Water. I'm trying to drink lots of it.

12. favorite alcoholic shot:
Don't like shots.

13. favorite alcoholic drink:
Don't really like the taste of alcohol actually.

14. favorite cake:
Currently, it's this one.

15. favorite pie:
Blueberry and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting overtop.

16. favorite ice cream:
Rocombe Farm Stem Ginger! Hill Station Mango and Lime! Haagen Daaz Pralines and Cream!

17. favorite milkshake:

18. favorite cut of beef:
Any tenderloin cut. Like filet mignon.

19. favorite cuisine:

20. favorite part of chicken: (leg, wing, thigh, breast)
Anythings that's dark meat - so leg, thigh and wing are equally tasty. White meat is just so...blah.

21. favorite fried food:
Mmmmmm....oil....... crisps!

22. favorite cookie:
I love the classics: Tollhouse chocolate chip!

23. favorite indian curry:
Hmm...a chicken madras would go down nicely right about now.

24. favorite gum:
Gum. I only chew it when somebody offers me a piece. I never buy my own. :)

25. favorite candy:
Can I say that chocolate is candy? I love the chocolate covered almonds by Artisan du Chocolat.

26. favorite crepe:
I like sweet crepes to be plain and simple - a dusting of powdered sugar will usually do. Creme de marron is also lovely.

27. favorite sandwich:
Bahn mi. That's another something I can't find so easily in London. I need to get out of Zone 1 more often.

28. favorite pizza:
A thin crust pizza with parma ham and fresh rucola.

29. favorite mexican dish:
I haven't had much Mexican yet...but I thoroughly enjoyed my carnitas when I made them. Thank you, egullet! However, I will have a chance to eat Cuban food soon...

30. favorite vietnamese dish:
I like the grilled lemongrass chicken or pork on top of a bed of rice noodles. Yum yum!

31. favorite korean dish:
Kimchi. What?! I really really really like it! And I like bibimbap! And chapchae!

32. favorite chinese dish:
OK, there are just too many to list. I have dim sum favourites, I have favourite preparations of a particular ingredient, and I have favourites when it comes to regional specialities too.

33. favorite filipino dish:
This is one Asian cuisine that I've never had.

34. favorite southern food:
Chicken fried steak! Or chicken fried chicken!

35. favorite instant noodles brand:'s Thai.

36. favorite juice:
Mango nectar. Oooh, it's so thick!

37. favorite snack food:
Sweet snack: baklava. Savoury snack: murukku.

38. favorite fish:
Skate. Haven't had it in a while.

39. favorite cereal:
Cereal? Um...I don't really eat it anymore...but Rice Krispies are good to have around for rice krispie squares. And I used to like Corn Pops and Kix too.

40. favorite pho:
Rare beef and beef balls mixed. If possible, make the soup spicy.

41. favorite breakfast food:
Eggs Benedict! Wouldn't it be nice to have eggs benedict any time you want? I also like Nigella Lawson's Masala omelette. I prefer savoury breakfasts.

42. favorite french food:
Confit de canard. Anything with canard. I stupidly bought only one tin of rillettes de canard from Paris and am suffering withdrawal symptoms.

43. favorite mcdonalds food:
The fries. Those salty strips of oil.

44. favorite pasta dish:
I really adored a recipe I made a while back...orechiette with broccoli and anchovies. And I tossed in some pine nuts too!

45. favorite bread:
A white sourdough, please. Failing that, a proper baguette. Oh hang on, I'm forgetting all about roti canai and puris!

46. favorite tea:
I'm not a big tea drinker but I normally choose green tea (Chinese, not Japanese).

47. favorite 7-11 slurpee flavor:
Crush cream soda! Yes, in that lurid pink colour!

48. favorite hershey's kiss:
If I must, just a plain one, thanks.

49. favorite flavor of m&m's:
Peanut or almond.

50. favorite candy bar:
Kit Kat. And not the big thick ones either. The old-fashioned 4 finger bar...wrapped in foil like the old times.


Anonymous Jess said...

Hey Su-Lin, I was going through your archives and notice that you used to update almost everyday. WTH happened?! *cry*

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