Monday, August 15, 2005

I've been eating out for almost the entire weekend due to visitors being around and the results are not pretty. I had forgotten how rich food in restaurants can be and my stomach had grown accustomed to the 6 weeks of home cooked food I've had since I moved to my own flat.

Friday night: At home tacos...very Tex-Mex tacos in the style of Taco Bell. Beef, cheese, lettuce.

Saturday breakfast: Bowl o' cereal. Lunch: A massive Indian meal in Southall - chicken curry, rice, masala dosa, onion bhaji, veg samosa. My mango lassi was a bit over the top. Dinner: A Malaysian meal at Nyonya consisting of char kway teow, fried rice, char mee and a little plateful of Nyonya kuehs to finish things off. Portions are small for the price but the food is well executed. Late night: murukku from Southall. (No homemade murukku for me...I'm not planning on deep frying in my little flat.)

Sunday morning and I'm already feeling very bloated but I started the day off with pork burgers for breakfast. Yes, pork burgers. Acquired from my beloved farmer's market, I reckon they were sausage meat in a different shape. And so tasty they were but they just added to the bloatedness. Lunch: Duck rice at the Four Seasons - best in London for Chinese roasted duck. Dinner: mediocre dishes at Wong Kei - must choose other dishes next time! Late night: A curry puff and more murukku.

It's a miracle that I could eat lunch this afternoon! But no breakfast, of course.

This ought to be an interesting two weeks. As Blai is away, I shall be taking the opportunity to reorganise all my crap in the flat (of which I have much) and filling up our pantry with a couple of Asian staples: garlic oil, shallot oil, and fried shallots. I see a lot of kolo mee in my future!


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