Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Alright, I have succumbed and am now participating in the Google game. Type in "Su-Lin is" in quotes (feel free to substitute your own name) and run a search. Here are a few of my results:

Su Lin is a shorthaired seal point born 7/5/02.
Su Lin is the baby panda in the story. what's with all the animals?
Su Lin is an Asian beauty in red dress with gold trim. hahahahaha
Su Lin is looking for her husband, Mu Ran Pai who rejects her for another woman.
Su Lin is fine.
Su Lin is our symbol for the rare and special nature of Zen Don.
Su Lin is just an example of the many who have found that they can work at home and earn the same amount of money. Yeah, right.
Su Lin is a beautiful child with straight black hair and almond shaped eyes.
Su-Lin is a third year student in University of Calgary.
Su Lin is the first infant Giant Panda to reach the United States alive. That's in 1936.

And there are a number more using in-SU-LIN as some kind of pronunciation guide for insulin.

Thanks to kaymc whose post on this I saw first.


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