Saturday, July 13, 2002

I'm starting to think it's time for a proper entry! I've been shirking it for too long - it gets difficult to make constant entries when you don't have Internet access for free at your feet.

If you are wondering, the title of this blog will stay the same until I return to London in September, whereupon it will then change to A Canadian Postgraduate in London. Am I crazy? Yes.

To all my friends who are expecting an email from me - I'm writing it right now!!!

I know this isn't turning out to be a great entry but there really isn't anything to write about. I'll describe my flight home. It was 3 hours delayed. Heathrow Terminal 3 is really the last place you want to be delayed for so long. It's way too crowded and the chances of one finding the seat are about the same as winning the lottery. We did get 5 pounds credit to food from the airline since we had to wait but 5 pounds doesn't get very far at an airport food court. Slice of pizza, drink, ice cream and that's it. You're already past the 5 pound mark. Oh well, I'm home safely and that's what counts.

Ok, now for Tuesday's This or That but on a Saturday.

1. Fast-food or regular (sit-down) restaurant? More often a sit-down.
2. If or when you go to fast-food or walk in? Walk in. No drive-throughs in London and only walk in in Vancouver!
3. Any restaurant in or take out? Depends on my mood and what discounts they offer! A student would obviously take advantage of the 20% off discount on take away at China Kitchen (come out of Earls Court and cross the street and go down there) rather than eat in. And it saves on the tip too.
4. You are at a restaurant and are too full to finish your meal. Do you leave it, or ask to have it wrapped up to go? Again, this depends...but this time on the restaurant. You can definitely have it wrapped up to go at La Porchetta.
5. Where does most of your food come from...restaurants or the grocery store? Grocery store
6. Do you shop for food at a supermarket or a convenience store? Supermarket
7. You have 13 items in your cart. Do you try to go through the *12 Items of Less* express line or grit your teeth and get into the regular line? Nope, I'll haul myself to a regular queue.
8. If you shop at a store that has them, do you use the regular or self-scan checkouts? Regular. Must have a lot of dishonest people in London.
9. Paper or plastic - Part One...what kind of bags do you take? Plastic as that's all that's offered where I am.
10. Paper or plastic - Part Two...which payment method do you use when buying food? Depends on whether I have any cash - but usually paper.


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