Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Big big big big big restaurant recommendation here. Actually, maybe I shouldn't say anything..the place is tiny enough as it is!

Last night, I was at the office till quite late and Blai came over to check his email too. We both didn't have any plans for dinner. So what the hey? Perfect time to celebrate something stupid! We went to Patogh, this tiny little Persian restaurant off Edgeware Road, and got there at about 8:30pm. Amazing food. Just as good as Yas (could be better even) but it was much cheaper. Two huge lamb kebabs (minced meat with onion and spices) plus rice or bread is £5. That's what I chose while Blai selected the lamb kebab (whole chunks on lamb)...one kebab but it was huge...much larger than ones I've had elsewhere. Their rice is wonderful...that typical Persian rice with saffron and a lump of butter melting on top. Their bread is exceptional...baked on the premises. It's a massive ellipse of flatbread with lots of poppy seeds and sesame seeds scattered on top. I'm not kidding when I said it's massive: if I put my hands together and make an ellipsoid shape with my arms, that's about the approximate size of the bread. And it's a bargain at £1.50. We had that with a mixture of yoghurt and chopped shallots...they go divinely together.

Vegetarians be warned. The fine print on the menu states that anyone holding a seat in the restaurant must order a main course...and all the main courses are either chicken or lamb. But if you're carnivorous or omnivorous, this is a great place.

Oh, and the place is tiny. Four or five tables on the ground floor and four or five tables upstairs. And each table sits...two (though they can be pushed together).


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