Thursday, June 05, 2003

Back from the Lake District on Monday night. Very sad to be back in reality. :(

Saturday's trip up there was a nightmare as they had cancelled all trains going out of Euston. We ended up going to Paddington, heading to Reading, changing for Birmingham, going on to Preston, changing at Oxenholm Lake and then finally catching a train from there to Windermere. Journey time took twice as long as expected! Luckily for us, the sun only sets at about 9:30pm up there in the summer so we managed to see quite a bit of Ambleside (we caught a bus from Windermere to Ambleside, where our first B&B was).

Sunday, we caught another bus to Keswick (location of our second B&B) and dumped our stuff for the long day ahead. We chose to climb Skiddaw! It's one of the few peaks in the Lake District topping 3000ft. Getting to the top was a great achievement and making our way down again was just mind boggling! I was amazed to see how far we'd really gone. And we actually walked twice as much as everyone else climbing that mountain as we had made our way from Keswick...not from the car park at the base of the mountain.

Monday, got another bus to Grasmere...the cutest village in the world. Wordsworth and his family are buried at the church. And next door is Sarah Nelson's Grasmere Gingerbread...also available through mail order! For his birthday, Blai wanted a row a boat and so we did just that (though his birthday isn't for another month). We rented a rowboat on Grasmere Lake and I got rowed around the entire thing!

The trip back to London was uneventful. Caught a bus back to Windermere, had a little wander round and then caught the train to Euston. It arrived 20 minutes early! Still doesn't make up for the horrible experience on Saturday though!

Kieran, no burning sheep. All sheep were alive and well.


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