Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Inspired by da*xiang's entry on Ikea, I'm going to have to detail my fine trip to the Ikea at Brent Park on Saturday! The walk from the tube station to Ikea is grotty but at least the path is clearly labelled.

My bill:
Beach blanket (a washable, silky one, very nice): £1.50 on sale
Corkscrew: £1.00
Blue plates: 2 x £0.25 on sale
Matching blue bowls: 2 x £1.00

Total: £5.00 not including my biscuits bought at the food shop, a huge package of crispbread for Blai, lunch of meatballs + potatoes + salad + soft drink.

All in all, a great day! I was even stopped by an Italian girl who went hysterical at the sight of my Ikea bags. Whenever the next sale is, I'll see you then.


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