Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Last Saturday, I went to Rye for the day. Bed and breakfasts were booked up as it's high season. "Don't you know that it's high season?!" Well, yes. Yes, I do. However, I am still calling just in case you happen to have a room free, perhaps due to a cancellation. Why is there anything wrong with that? Don't be all huffy on *me*! Rant over.

It's a very pretty town. Nice to visit for the day, or for a weekend, but not my kind of place to live. I feel more at home in London with its vast range of ethnic restaurants and late night openings. Rye is a very typical small town where most restaurants close very early. However, it is steeped in history and exploring every nook and cranny of the town makes for good fun.

What really made my day (and made my skin very very brown) was my walk to Camber Castle, located in the middle of a nature reserve outside Rye. I took a circular route that was an easy 3 miles round that took me through fields of sheep and reeds and grasshoppers. Few people bother to walk out there - it's only 2 miles direct to the castle and back though. The guide at the castle was a lovely man who had lived in London his whole life but upon retirement, bought a secluded house in the nature reserve. Now that would be amazing. The castle was wonderful - commissioned by Henry VIII and complete with 17th century graffiti!

It was standing in the middle of the field, not being able to see a single person all around me, that was what I needed. I needed to be away from all the hustle and bustle of London for a bit and I managed to find it to an extreme! If you go to Rye, do not miss this walk and this castle! Rye can be full of people (though not like London) due to the number of tour buses that stop there.


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