Friday, August 20, 2004

New link on the side and I really should have linked her a long time ago. Hello Jessica! aka jisk. I met her for the first time (yes! in real life!) last Saturday and she's a sweetie! She's the first person I've met through the Internet and I'm rather thankful she didn't turn out to be a 50 year old man. We saw Yo Yo Ma on Sunday and Das Rheingold yesterday at the Proms.

Lately, I have also been posting here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Su-lin, I'm SOOO sorry about yesterday!! We have no excuses, we were just careless :S. And I also totally forgot about Shakespeare @ The Globe. Thank you SO much for caring and wasting your money calling around for us. Ayeeee. My Yo Yo Ma experience will always be remembered, thanks to you!! And I still have your number, so I'll be stalking you some more. Hahaha.

7:36 pm  

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