Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Can you believe that yet another year has passed? It's the Year of the Rooster, which leaves me a bit sad since the past year (Year of the Monkey) was my year. Another 11 more years until it comes around again!

I can understand the homesickness usually associated with this time of the year for Asian students away from home. A meal with friends is usually organised - usually a steamboat or a proper restaurant meal (which may have been out of our budgets the rest of the year!). My celebrations will take place this weekend, a much more convenient time, with a large meal and once again, checking out the festivities in Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. A highlight ought to be the performance by the Chinese tenor Yu Qiang Dai, whom I just saw as the Unknown Prince in Turandot - he was fantastic! Anyway, I digress.

Gong Hay Fat Choy!


Blogger wyn said...

happy new year! :) this was my first cny in vancouver and it was pretty lonely. =S 'sok, slowed down to cook a nice set of dishes for once for a meal. don't look forward too much for the next monkey year... but i hope that the one that just passed was very good for you :)

3:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Trafalgar Sqaure! It was so so so so busy, but I have fond memories =).

I hope you feel better from the homesickness, and Happy Year of The Rooster.

4:09 am  

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