Wednesday, March 05, 2003

For a long time, I've been searching for this one particular top that Carrie was wearing in some long-ago episode of Sex and the City. This is it! Floaty for summer but I wonder what would happen if the wearer lifts her arms up... Unfortunately, I loathe sewing but I might make an exception for what appears to be a straightforward enough pattern. However, I have no sewing machine and sewing it by hand might take weeks and weeks (knowing me). I haven't even finished one piece of my knitted top yet!

Speaking of my knitted top, it's doing well. The first front/back piece is allllmooooost there. I say almost because I'm a procrastinator. I hope to finish it by the time it turns truly warm though. The next pieces that I'll be knitting will be the sleeves. I need the instant gratification before tackling the last huge piece!


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