Friday, September 30, 2005

Pet Peeves from Riding on the Bus

1. Guys who have to relax on the seats - and by relax, I mean invade the space on my seat and spread their legs too much. Seriously, your balls aren't that big. And yes, I'm talking to you, Mr Times Reader, who invaded much of my space this morning and for whom gentle nudging didn't give you a hint.

2. People who sit next to you even though there are lots of empty seats in the bus...yes, even doubly empty seats (by which I mean two seats side by side empty)

3. People who only start looking for their tickets/Oyster cards after they've queued up to enter the bus. The worst offenders are the ones who enter the bus and then start searching right in front of the Oyster card reader, thus blocking it and causing everyone to wait for them to search through their coats/handbags. No wait, the worst are the ones who rush to be the first on the bus, then start searching for their card. C'mon people! Surely there's a bit of common sense in having your card ready while you're waiting for the bus!


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