Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Have I mentionned that I love our kitchen? I love having our own kitchen and our own little fridge without other people's crap in it. At first I thought that such a little fridge (we have a half sized fridge/ know, those ones that only reach counter height?) wouldn't be able to hold the myriad of goodies that I planned on buying...and it's true. But I balance this out with my love for food shopping - instead of doing a huge weekly shop, I am able to pursue a very European way of life by doing little shops throughout the week (aided by the late-opening Middle Easten/Polish grocer down the street). Oh la la! After my journey home, during which I confer with Blai as to what we might be craving (rice, pasta, noodles, but rarely potato), I pop to the shop to get whatever fresh and in season fruit and veg there is. A little more work, yes...but I don't care! It's wonderfully relaxing to be fondling aubergines and peppers after a day in front of the computer.


Blogger dan said...

Hi Su-Lin, glad you liked the cookies, and how lovely to have a kitchen to love. If you need any help from fellow bakers when you christen your kitchen with a homebaked loaf, do look at ** . Very happy to help a fellow cookie lover!

11:02 am  
Blogger wyn said...

i do the european thing, too, then! there is a safeway and fruit market under two blocks away from my house. maybe it doesn't turn out to be as practical but it's *fun* to shop several times a week! i soo couldn't be squeezed into 2/3s of a fridge, even if it's just me!

4:22 am  
Blogger stef said...

that explains the many food pics :) i'm glad for you and the european thing is the way to go, dear - nothing is better than fresh ingredients - it makes 70% of the meal.

8:05 pm  

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