Monday, December 05, 2005

This past weekend was a relaxing one as one major project was finished on Thursday and I needed a break before tackling my thesis again today! My weekend started on Friday (got the day off) when I decided to spend the day waffling around the West End. Lunch was had at the Providores Tapa Room where I was seated promptly as a single but then was promptly forgotten! Service was extremely slow and even though the food was very tasty, I probably won't venture there again. I picked up a jar of Brunette praline spread (think hazelnut butter) at Le Pain Quotidien down the street which we are thoroughly enjoying at home. I'm not a big fan of peanut butter but this praline spread is something else entirely! Snack at Hummus Bros - a neat, though limited, concept and I hope they survive because the food is quite nice! The night ended with a Royal Ballet Mixed Bill at the Royal Opera House - I don't think I "get" the whole dance thing yet but I do know good dancing when I see it! The Gloria at the end of the bill was brilliant though. Carlos Acosta is amazing.

Saturday was a dreary and wet day and I had the sniffles and so we stayed at home. Flat cleaning in the morning, toasted pita bread sandwiches for lunch (try baking lavash bread sandwiches too...lovely and crisp!), a nap in the afternoon, and a tuna and white bean salad and moutabal for dinner.

Sunday turned out to be beautiful and I took that opportunity to go to Ikea where I bought much needed items: a roasting pan, a grater, a ladle, wrapping paper and string, gingerbread dough (ahem). I exhausted myself by preparing pilau rice and 5 vegetable dishes for dinner: roasted aubergine with yogurt, cabbage sabzi, bhindi bhaji, and a potato and tomato curry. Plenty for leftovers!

And that was my relaxing weekend.


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