Thursday, February 16, 2006

Busy busy busy...everything's pretty much the same then.

But we did take a break (kind of) this past Valentine's Day - well, I still went to work but I came back home a whole hour early!

We decided to forgo the whole going out thing and stay home when Blai decided that he would cook dinner for me. The starter was taken care of thanks to a tin of foie gras that I had been saving for a special occasion. I would also pick up dessert before I headed home from college. He would focus his attention on the main course plus a side dish.

Well, it almost all went wrong at dessert! At about 4:30pm, I went to one of my favourite patisseries in the hopes of picking up a couple of gorgeous pastries. The display was...oh, it was a terrible sight to behold! Huge swathes of stainless steel glared from between the few remaining pastries. I quickly selected two and picked up a baguette too. The place was packed when I left.

Well, everything went well after that - I think I'm making it more dramatic than it needs to be. The main was this delicious roasted chicken dish scented with wine and other goodies and like last year's Valentine's Day, we were so full afterwards that we could do nothing but roll around a bit.

Thank you, Blai, for the best Valentine's Day!


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