Thursday, May 09, 2002

Can't find the Friday Five link anymore so am filling this in from

But now I'm slapping myself on the head because I just realised that it's Thursday, not Friday.

Food: oooh, too numerous to list
Drink: Ruby Red grapefruit juice
Colour: sometimes dark blue, sometimes red
Shoes: my Birkenstocks or the high heel ones that make me swing my hips like a tart
Candy: Rockets, Jelly Babies
Animal: elephants, dodos
TV Show: Sex and the City
Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's? Pride and Prejudice? Don't know
Dance: I want to learn to salsa and tango
Vegetable: broccoli or gai lan
Fruit: ripe strawberries, star fruit, mangoes, papayas

Understanding: somewhat
Open-minded: ditto
Arrogant: sometimes
Insecure: oh, definitely
Interesting: all the time, in the weird sense of the word
Hungry: constantly, as everyone will tell you
Friendly: somewhat
Smart: hehe
Moody: yes
Childish: too much
Independent: um...somewhat
Hard working: sometimes, sometimes not
Organized: not at all
Healthy: i think so
Emotionally Stable: haha!
Shy: sometimes
Difficult: yes, stubborn as a mule
Attractive: um....
Bored Easily: not really
Thirsty: sometimes, I can be a camel though
Responsible: sometimes
Sad: depends
Happy: hopefully lots!
Trusting:yes, I'm very gullible
Talkative: depends on my mood. See Moody
Original: I don't know
Different: um....
Unique: hmmm...
Lonely: occasionally

Kill: No comment. Hall knows.
Slap: no one yet
Look Like: no one I can think of
Be Like: I admire my Mom
Talk To Offline: ooooh...Colin Firth


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